Our History

Sour Lake, population 1813, was originally named Sour Lake Springs after the sulphurous spring water that flowed into the nearby lake. The sulphur was a sign of the crude oil that lay in proximity to local groundwater. Sam Houston visited Sour Lake Springs several times seeking relief from his war wounds. His last visit was June 1863.

The discovery of oil in 1902 would doom the grand hotels and mineral baths from the 1840's. On January 8, 1903 the TTC Fee #3 site would be the start of world oil giant Texaco (The Texas Company). The Sour Lake oilfield produced about 90,000,000 barrels of oil up to 1948 when it was still producing about 3500 barrels per day with new drilling ongoing. This oilfield is the oldest continuously-producing oilfield in the world.

Enjoy your exploration of Sour Lake's history with these pictures from around our hometown.